quinta-feira, 23 de agosto de 2007

Chefes fora -> Lab Punting!!!! ih ih ih ih !!!

Punting is one of the chief attractions of Cambridge.

Punting means using a punt, which is a type of boat.

In Cambridge, a punt is a small flat-bottomed boat.

The shape is long and thin and rectangular, so that you can just fit two people next to each other.

There are two common sorts: ones that hold 5 people (2 pairs facing each other plus one person at the back) and ones that hold 7 people (an extra pair of people put in at the front, facing forwards).

The person at the back is the motor: they hold a long pole (about 10 feet long) which is used to push against the river bed and propel the punt along. The back end of the punt (the stern) has a little platform for the punter to stand on.

The last thing that comes with a punt is a paddle.

The Golden Rule of Punting: Stay with the punt and not the pole.
If ever you have to decide between keeping hold of the pole and staying in the punt, opt for staying in the punt. It's a lot drier that way. The pole can always be recovered later.

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