quinta-feira, 8 de novembro de 2007

Dia de São Martinho - Domingo em Cambridge

When: Sunday, November 11, 2007

Time: 2:00pm - 7:00pm

Location: Jesus Green, somewhere off the central diagonal path

Sunday 11 November is São Martinho (St Martin's day), which inPortugal is very much associated with roasted chestnuts out ofphonebook pages ("quentes e boas" -- nice and hot!), there will be abarbecue with, right, roasted chestnuts. And sangria.For those who want, we'll play a bit of football and/or badmintonbefore. Those who come early to play sports with us (at 1pm) willreceive the first dozen of chestnuts and a drink free!There'll be a gazebo for those afraid of English November weather,which is certainly not going to stop us!

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